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Continuous Biomass Carbonization Stove Carbide Furnace

Continuous Biomass Carbonization Stove Carbide Furnace
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Continuous Biomass Carbonization Stove Carbide Furnace

Raw Material of Carbide Furnace:

Peanut shells, bark, sawdust, bagasse, branches, rice husks, bamboo shavings, sunflower seed shells, vinasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee grounds, cotton stick, of bean stem, dead leaves and other waste can be raw materials for continuous carbonizing furnace, The size of material had better less than 15mm.

After high temperature carbonization,the raw materials become high quality environment friendly and efficient charcoal or charcoal powder.

Advantage of Carbide Furnace:

1. Without flue gas emissions in whole process, meet the national environmental protection requirements;

2. By-product automatically collection---automatically collect wood tar, wood vinegar liquid and combustible gas, etc. in the process of carbonization, has been realized high efficient and comprehensive utilization of renewable energy;

3. Achieve the continuous carbonization---continuous feeding, carbonizing,discharging carbon production process,has greatly increased the production efficiency;

4. 2 workers can operate the whole line,save labor cost;

5.The whole unit can continuous working for 24 hours, large capacity;

Main structure of Carbide Furnace:

1. Gasifier equipment

2. Dust removal device

3. Automatic feeding conveyor

4. Carbonization stove

5. Cooling and discharging machine

6. Control cabinet

7. Purification System

Working process for Carbide Furnace:

1. First to start the line, Gasifier should be started first to creat enough combustible gas,through the purification,the clean gas become the first gas source for carbonization;

2. When the bottom temperature reach about 400 degrees Celsius(shown on control cabinet), Materials enter into the carbonization stove by feeding conveyor;

3. Under high temperature in the furnace, the materials go through dry distillation, oxygen free carbonization.

4. After carbonization,the carbon come out from cooling and discharging machine at 20-30 degree;

5. During the carbonization process, the material produce carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and other combustible gases, these gases through the recovery, purification,separating the wood tar and wood acid, to achieve the pure clean gas cycle combustion;

6. The whole line achieve the continuous feeding, continuous carbonization, continuous discharging, achieve high efficiency and no pollution to environment at same time.

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