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JP series single nozzle volume irrigation machine

JP series single nozzle volume irrigation machine
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JP series single nozzle volume irrigation machine
JP series Reel irrigation machine is a traction PE pipe wrapped around the winch to take advantage of the the sprinkler pressure on water driving a water turbine rotation, transmission drive winch rotation and traction nozzle car automatic mobile and spray irrigation machinery, it has a mobile convenient, simple operation, saving time and labor, irrigation and high precision, good water-saving effect, strong adaptability advantages. Mainly by mechanical including for two 270 ° rotation of the load-bearing chassis, racks, reels, rotary tables, special PE pipe, automatic the speeder, water turbine drive device, multi-functional the gearboxes, sprinkler driving head, guide means and other components. Is ideal for water-saving irrigation equipment. Water supply equipment for modes: wells with submersible pumps, diesel engine sprinkler pump and the electric sprinkler irrigation pump (user option).



1.A water turbine
    The water turbine is the heart of the whole machine member, the the glidant position of the assembly of the reel, the power drive system is a working unit, while the flow regulator, to ensure uniform speed recovery of PE pipe.
The axial flow water turbine is mainly composed by the elbow, volute, turbine and other components. The elbow and volute pressure cast aluminum to ensure a smooth and beautiful appearance of the flow channel, and its excellent performance for a wide range, the drive shaft is made ​​of stainless steel drive shaft bearing oil seal mechanical seal does not require maintenance does not require lubrication, flow rate of up to 13-68m3 / h speed of up to 200-800r/min, meet JP65, 75,90,100-type winding irrigation machine supporting requirements. (With automatic speed water turbine nozzle car walking speed deviation is less than 20%.)

2, Multifunction gearbox device
Multifunction gearbox device units control system, the system can realize the transmission system of the clutch, brake, variable speed, quick recovery, safe recovery. Multifunctional gearbox itself can be realized two shift two shift, the other can also be achieved by changing the pulley, so the drive device can be realized four shift. The system is compact, simple operation, reliable, flexible operating handle can achieve transmission, clutch and brake. At the same time through a linkage system can automatically control handle, when the sprinklers car recycling to the end, through the connecting rod drive systems automatically stop working and brake control handle.

 3.the guide means
Oriented device key guide bar, the guide bar using automatic forward and reverse "8" the word screw oriented system, thread form rectangular thread forward and reverse threaded junction with sleek excessive. It can effectively guarantee the reliability of the commutation guarantee PE pipe safe, orderly arrangement on the reel, and oriented to walk evenly without catching phenomenon.

4. Dial
Car turntable, in the case of not moving machinery, unplug the turret positioning pin, rotation of the reel freely select the spraying direction, in the range of 270 degrees.
After determining the direction of spraying, the positioning pin inserted into the positioning holes, the fixed turntable.

5. PE water pipes
PE pipe winding irrigation machine is a special polyethylene material, its quality directly affects the life of the irrigator. Unit using PE pipes has the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, has been tested, the burst pressure is greater than 2.0mpa, tensile strength greater than 16.5mpa greater than 400%, the elongation at break, wear less than 20mg. After the durability test of the country in different climatic conditions, its service life is expected to reach 15 years, fully able to meet the requirements of the use of the winding irrigation machine.

Automatic speed control device
Maintain the apparatus through a set of link mechanism to adjust the degree of opening of the water turbine separation tongue, to achieve a continuously variable transmission of the water turbine, PE pipe is wound on a reel between the layers to keep constant, thereby ensuring the nozzle Vehicle Recycling uniform, Machines evenly sprayed.

7.Sprinklers car
Up to 1.5 meters in height from the ground, and can also be customized according to the actual height of the tall crops will not disrupt the growing crops, Tread can be adjusted in the range of 1.3-2.5 meters.

 8. The joint symmetry wheeled nozzle car
The large rim can be the greatest degree of protection of crops, even in dense herbaceous crops planted terraces job Tread according to the existing line spacing of crops for non-restrictive regulation. Adequate height adjustment range, as well as stable performance, are the advantages of such sprinklers car. When the water pressure is low, you can use two sprinklers to adjust irrigation quality.

9. Joint symmetrical to Skid nozzle car
Both on the slopes or working on soft soil, the entire action to improve mobile skid stability.

10.Symmetric and asymmetric wheeled nozzle car
Symmetric and asymmetric Wheeler transform to prevent PE pipe put in, the damage to the crops in the closing process. Can be assembled in a common lever on the type of all tractors, applied to asymmetric nozzle car pull drag.

The joint symmetry wheeled nozzle car

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