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Happy Spring Festival-Chinese New Year!
Issue Time:2016-01-29

How  the "Year" Come?

Legend, there is a ferocious monster called "Year", "year" hide in the deep sea year round, only every twelfth lunar month thirty, this day is New Year's Eve , it climbed on the beach and ran from village to another, devouring livestock, eating human. One time ,this monster happened to two child who are competing cow whip,hearing the sharp Whip sound,scared and ran away. Then to another,just enter into the yard,and find a big red clothes hanging outside the door,afraid of the bigger thing,turn around and ran again.Later in another village,it peep from the door,Ablaze with lights, stabbed its eyes,make it dizziness,have to Crestfallen to fled. So people know the monster scare of the red color,the lights brightly lit,Explosive sound. Now each year, chinese people on New Year's Eve, stick couplets,paste window grilles , set off firecrackers, stay up in the night, eat dinner and other activities.

What festival activities we have in Spring Festival?

The first day of New Year,people get up early,give New Year congratulations to natives and friends,give red envelopes to child,have family reunion dinners(especially jiaozi/dumpling),visit Temple Fair(mainly to watch the performances like Chinese dragon dance and lion dance,walking on stilts etc.),watching burning fire and other activities.