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holiday time arrangement for new year in china
Issue Time:2014-01-28

Today is Jan 28, it means we only have two days to begin our important festival in china, you know, the new year. it means a lot to chinese. people work in other places will prepare to go back to their hometown, either did the students and offical people, they all will go back to their homwtown to get together and have their party for greetness and hug and small talk to share all interesting things and work problems. all in all, they get together to share anything with passion. accordig to our customs, every family will have their door couplet to welcome the new year. besides, we also have the other interesting things, by the way, if you would like to know more about it, you can come to our country to buy our products. i mean the all kinds of machines, we would like to tell you all these things about new year.

So about the time arrangement of  new year, we will have our holiday from next morning on Jan 29 to Feb 6, during these days, you can contact our manager--bonnie if you need anything.Or you can leave a message, we promise we will try our best to repley to give you our best service.

At the end of this news, here, we would like to give our best wishes for everyone around the world to celebrate this very holy momnet to have a wonderful new year with us. we are always here for you, hehe,i think you will always be there for us, right? So Happy New Year!!! Dear!!!

Gashili machinery CO., LTD

Happy new year!!!